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Automated Circumferential Lathe Welders

Peck Automated Circumferential Lathe Welders are widely used by tank manufacturers as stand-alone machines or as part of assembly line operations. Peck can design a Circumferential Lathe Welder for virtually any part having a circumferential weld joint. Peck Lathe welders are one of the most commonly used lathe welders in the Hot Water Tank industry. Please contact us to find out how we can supply your business with a custom built and designed Circumferential Lathe Welder.

Automated Circular Spud Welders

Peck Circular Spud Welders also referred to as circle welders are unique in that the welding head rotates continuously in one direction without wrapping cables and hoses which eliminates the wire "flip" caused when the torch liner is twisted during this wrapping motion. The Circular Spud Welders are customized for a wide variety of circle welding operations. They are extremely durable machines- commonly going 25+ years before needing to be rebuilt. At Cecil Peck we build our welders to last.

Automated Gantry/Boom Welders

Peck Gantry Welders are designed and manufactured for a specific applications to eliminate fit-up and tack welding operations and to make long multiple-torch welds. Peck Gantry Welders have been built to weld Tram Beams, Navy Vertical Launch Canisters, Patriot Missile Canisters, Tapered Poles, Trailer Beds and others.

Automated Seam Welders

Peck Seam Welders are designed for butt-welding longitudinal seams using any arc welding process.

High Production Indexing Welders

If the objective is lower labor costs on a high volume weld operation a Peck Automatic Index Welder should be considered. Many of our Automated Index Welders have been designed with an automatic part loading and unloading. Please contact Cecil Peck today to find out how we can help build the proper welder for your application.

Special Automated Welders

Peck designs and builds special welders to automate a wide variety of arc welding applications from small desk-size machines to fabrication lines several hundred feet long.

Automated Tank Presses & Assembly Lines

Peck Tie-Rod Presses are designed to first flare the ends of the shell and then assemble the head and close the shell for a tight fit. Presses may be single-end or double-end and are often integrated into a complete fabrication line.
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